Entry Painting

An Entry level model will be painted to the basics to get it ready for play.  The model will be the 3 color minimum, based, and with basic shading or highlighting.

3 Color Minimum

Some Major Details Painted
1 Layer Highlighting/Shading


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About us

Hello and well meet.  My name is Larry Killian, otherwise known as djinn24.  Here you will find mainly news on my modeling and painting as well as other aspects of my hobby life.  I am a semi professional model painter, mainly focusing on ‘heroic scale’ model, which are around 28mm in size.  Under here you will find a blog about my current work and what progress is going on. 

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Math Homework Help

Philips Morris expects the sales for his clothing company to be £ 560,000 next year. Philip notes that net assets (Assets- Liabilities) will remain at 40% of sales. His clothing firm will enjoy a 8% return on total sales. He will start with £ 160,000 in the bank. What would Philips’s ending balance be?



Net assets     = 40% * 560,000


Return on total Sales                     =          Net Profit

Total Sales

0.08    =          Net Profit


Net Profit                               =  560,000 * 0.08

=  44,800.

Since net assets ratio remains the same, the closing balance will be;

=160,000 + 44,800

= 204,800

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The Time When I Lost Something Very Important


The things that we usually value constantly change as time passes by. As a child, we may mostly value our mother’s care, friendship and love while as adults many people essentially choose good careers and social status as the most valuable possessions. It is generally believed that the system of our values is formed throughout our entire life and what is experienced during childhood in most cases remains unnoticed or unworthy. On the contrary, many psychologists connect our adult problems and complexities with childhood experience and the environment at home. Being more vulnerable and susceptible as a child, we react more emotionally and, probably, perceive the difficulties we face in a way that could be considered exaggerated if thought about it a couple of years later. Nevertheless, this is normally our personal experience that we accumulate as children and learning to handle it effectively can influence our future life.

The story I wish to share with you clearly describes how I first faced betrayal and what I learned from it. As a child I used to be friends with one guy, who was my neighbor. We had been friends since kindergarten and went to the same school were we used to be in the same grade. We also used to sit at one desk and had common friends. We celebrated our birthdays together and always expressed our feelings to another particularly when we grew angry. In times when we got bored or had nothing to do we used to call other and have some discussions. It did not take long before C.S. Lewis commented on our friendship and said, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person speaks to another.” I was astonished to hear this because I thought I was the only one who had fallen in such a trap. This was so true about us. I always felt grateful to reveal my plans and all what I knew to my friend. It also happened that our parents were friends and they considered us both as their sons.

This friendship had lasted for about five years before we entered the time of adolescence. This is true; the teen-age years are the tipping point in our characters and in our lives. However, it also happens that this affects not just our lives and our destinies. So, when it came to the time of choosing friends and our dress codes, my friend gradually started to change. He was no longer sincere to me.   He did not always prefer my society to his new friends and seldom called me back incase I called in his absence. When we once went to the city center to watch some performance with my parents and his sister he just went away with his sister and never showed up again. It was such a shame for him to spend the evening with me and my parents. Our interests were far too different, as he once told me, and we did not have anything in common. It was painful to hear, and it hurt for a long time. I often cried, but never showed my tears to anyone. It was my personal lesson to reassess my views and to revalue the essence of friendship. I knew only one that, I would never betray a friend and offend someone like this because it hurts and truly it was not the way I was taught to behave.

This passed a lot of lessons to me not for the reason that I disappointed in friendship and also not just because I had not made friends before. On the contrary, I have learned to treat my friends with respect and love, but not to contribute too much of myself into this friendship. This is because you may never know how you will think of him or how he will treat you after sometime. I have also learned to be faithful and fair with whom I consider my friend. Having once experienced how it hurts to be betrayed and to lose a friend I do not want to be the one who does the same to anybody. This is life that teaches us these experiences and requires us to interpret it well to create good rapport with the people around us. We can either become stronger or turn the life lesson into our advantage or we can give up and suffer, complaining about our unfortunate fate and cruel world. This is completely up to us, what our life is and how we will spend the days we have.


Speech Class Assignment


Part I: Fallacies

1. It’s ridiculous to worry about protecting America’s national parks against pollution and overuse when innocent people are being killed by terrorists. This statement lies under false analogy because the two things which are in question have an imperative elemental difference but again the two are important to the American people.

2. There can be no doubt that the Great Depression was caused by Herbert Hoover.  He became President in March 1929, and the stock market crashed just seven months later. Post hoc. This is because according to the statement it is claimed that after Herbert become the president the stock market crashed. This is fallacious because the stock market drop was caused by Hatry case that occurred in September.

3. One nonsmoker, interviewed at a restaurant, said, “I can eat dinner just fine even though people around me are smoking.”  Another, responding to a Los Angeles Times survey, said, “I don’t see what all the fuss is about.  My wife has smoked for years and it has never bothered me.”  We can see, then, that secondhand smoke does not cause a problem for most nonsmokers. This fallacy is called hasty generalization as the dimension of the model used to arrive at the conclusion is considerably excessively small. For instance, the sample is composed of two people who are not affected by secondary smoke but the country has about 313.9 million therefore the sample would have been about 25% of the total population.


Part II: Testing the Strength of Supporting Material

1. What was Nixon’s primary purpose in the speech?

Richard Nixon’s political committee/campaign officials wanted to further his political career so they came up with a sort of a fund which would be catering for his political expenses instead of using taxpayers’ finances to do so. After the public got wind of the fund, things got heated up and he saw it fit to address the nation and tell him the truth behind setting up the fund. Hence, the prime purpose of the fund/checkers speech by Nixon was to clear his name and more so defend himself against the numerous allegations which arose due to the fund.

2. Does the speech have more than one purpose?

Nixon’s speech had several purposes apart from trying to clear his name of any impropriety allegations stemming up from the fund set up by his backers to finance his political expenses. His political committee saw the power with which the television would help in shaping Nixon’s political image and furthermore aid in closing the gap between him and the American citizens. Therefore, probably directly or indirectly, Nixon was campaigning for himself on live television through portraying his honesty and accountability to the public and this saw him clinch the vice presidential seat at the end.


  1. Nixon’s claim

Nixon argued that the American taxpayers ought not to be required to finance items which were not official business. Therefore, according to him, the taxpayer was only to fund undertakings which directly affected them as people.  Furthermore, the officials seeking any political seat should be affluent enough to cater for whichever of their expenses and if need be put their wives on pay rolls so that they can supplement their finances if need be. For instance, the vice president candidate on the democratic ticket has had his wife working for more than 10 years so she had a pay roll.






  1. Fallacies in Nixon’s speech

Throughout Richard Nixon’s speech, there were several observable fallacies which he deployed to the public so as to lure them into accepting his speech. For instance, he used post hoc fallacy when he said that the good leadership of Dwight Eisenhower was to eliminate the issue of corruption in the country. This is a fallacious statement since eradicating corruption will be tied to good governance of Mr. Eisenhower which in reality may not apply.

Nixon also plays the fallacy of exclusion whereby he excludes important evidence which in essence could undermine his allegation. He argues that there are only two ways to foot political finances which included being rich or including your spouse on the payroll. He omits the fact that even spouses can work and earn big finances to sponsor their husbands’ undertakings.

Another fallacy which Nixon deploys is that of paralepsis which basically means that he raised an issue even though he indicated that he won’t make a big deal.  He alleges that his opponent on Democratic ticket had his wife on payroll for the past 10 years and noted that it was his business and apparently he wasn’t critical on him doing such a thing. This is fallacious as he brought up a serious allegation and points out to the public that he didn’t care that much about his opponent’s deeds and gave the public the judgmental stick.