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Entry Painting

An Entry level model will be painted to the basics to get it ready for play.  The model will be the 3 color minimum, based, and with basic shading or highlighting.

3 Color Minimum

Some Major Details Painted
1 Layer Highlighting/Shading


djinn24 is proud to present the following series of articles for hobbyists to use to hone their crafts.  Whats makes djinn24’s Paint Brush different from most other sites is the focus is not on selling you something but helping you become a better miniature hobbyist.

The following articles are kept to the highest standard that I can provide.  If there is part of an article that you find unclear or would like to request more information please ask by emailing me.
All work contained within are my intellectual property.  If you would like to use one of my works please contact me and I am sure we can work something out.

About us

Hello and well meet.  My name is Larry Killian, otherwise known as djinn24.  Here you will find mainly news on my modeling and painting as well as other aspects of my hobby life.  I am a semi professional model painter, mainly focusing on ‘heroic scale’ model, which are around 28mm in size.  Under here you will find a blog about my current work and what progress is going on. 

Also you will find tutorials I have authored on various hobby website listed under the Tutorials link.

I do take commissions for projects and do online homework, with price varying depending on what you want.